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We are Heels With Mics, the brand new wrestling podcast you didn’t know you wanted, but now ya got. We’re calling out pro wrestling as well as the IWC, and we’re pulling no punches (or spinebusters).

Episode 40: The Lost Episode

June 1, 2017

This week's episode is actually...well it's actually last week's episode. Tyler thought he uploaded the episode but it turns out it didn't work, and he didn't notice because it was Memorial Day Weekend, and also he was still mourning over the death of the WWE Championship at the hands of Jinder Mahal...Listen to this episode to hear the Heels issue Monday Night Raw a 1 week suspension, tackle the Jinder Mahal situation, and the top 45 reasons why the Fashion Files are all of us. Feel free to kick Tyler's ass when you see him, what a smark heel!