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We are Heels With Mics, the brand new wrestling podcast you didn’t know you wanted, but now ya got. We’re calling out pro wrestling as well as the IWC, and we’re pulling no punches (or spinebusters).

September 26, 2017

Episode 55: No Mercy Live Recap/Reactions

This week, the Heels change it up a little and record their live reactions to each match on the No Mercy network special. 

September 14, 2017

Episode 54: The Kevin Owens Show

September 7, 2017

Episode 53: Strowman Fights A Baby

August 31, 2017

Episode 52: The Reigns-Cena Segment

Woo lad! That was something to behold. Cena and Reigns just got into a verbal altercation for the ages, and John might have gotten carried away and murdered Roman during it. The heels are breaking it down piece by piece, and also hitting on the other big news from around the wrestling world this week. Come spend some time with your homies.

August 24, 2017

Episode 51: Bummerslam

Summerslam? More like Bummerslam! 

August 17, 2017

Episode 50: The 50th Episode!

August 15, 2017

Episode 49: …Aaand We’re Back

Summer break is over and the Heels are back in front of a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE. This week we do some top tier complaining about the build to Summerslam, brainstorm new roles for Enzo, and pay our respects to the deceased (Bayley). Come catch up with your boys.

July 21, 2017

Episode 48: Kurt Angle… You ARE The Father!

Good guys Kirk and IZ address the internet hate machine and defend the honor of all the people who enjoy dumb shit. Additionally, we break down the Jason Jordan reveal, discuss the state of Smackdown Live, and argue about toasters for an extended and uncomfortable period of time. This is one of our top 3 most food-pun intensive episodes to date.

July 13, 2017

Episode 47: Two Samoans Walk Into A Ring…

July 7, 2017

Episode 46: The Great American Rash

A HWM celebration of the 4th of July. Also, we review a rap battle and debate if Deangelo Williams is a better wrestler / human than Roman Reigns.