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We are Heels With Mics, the brand new wrestling podcast you didn’t know you wanted, but now ya got. We’re calling out pro wrestling as well as the IWC, and we’re pulling no punches (or spinebusters).

Episode 90: Wrestlemaniac, Wrestlemaniac on the Dance Floor

April 4, 2019

Bet you didn't know that one of your HWM hosts is an absolute legend at a certain cartoony sports video game. Today we're gassing Kirk up big time... The Squan King is going over, Kiddos. After that, we're previewing Mania weekend. We discuss what we're excited for, builds to matches, and a potential outcome to one big match that would fill us with dread and effectively boom us X4 so hard that we wake up back in 2015. Tell everyone you know about this podcast.